Round Africa Report

Multi-layered E&P online portal

Putting E&P drilling into its geological framework

ROAR - Released Areas

Available online now:

W Africa (North) – Morocco to Guinea

W Africa (Central) – Sierra Leone to Nigeria

W Africa (South) – Cameroon to Angola (incl. Zambia)

South Africa – Namibia to S.Africa (incl. Botswana & Zimbabwe)

Other regions coming soon!

ROAR - Released Areas
Exploration and Development

Exploration and development activity presented in a consistent geological framework:

Structural and geological context

Play fairway maps for main exploration objectives

Regional distribution and maturity for the principle source rocks

Regular updates to geological and activity information

Exploration and Development

Embedded databases including:

Exploration well summaries

Well hydrocarbon occurrences

Field summaries

Prospects and leads

Embedded databases
Illustrative structural cross sections for all principle exploration areas
Cross sections
Regional stratigraphic columns with indicative hydrocarbon occurrences
Regional stratigraphic columns
Detailed exploration well summaries
Well report


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